RFID Lable with Adhesive

OPRFID technologies provides simplicity RFID label for Logistics, Identification, Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, E-ticket etc, it is low cost paper label.

Size: 100*15mm, 86*54mm, 50*50mm, 25*25mm etc.
Material: PET; aluminum,Adhesive paper
Environmental Parameters:
Ideal Storage Temp:+15-+25, 20%RH-45%RH
Working Environment:-20-+50, 20%RH-90%RH
Available IC's 13,56MHz, 860-960MHz

Printing options
Inkjet printing number
Roll or Separate

rfid label with adhesive
RFID Label with adhesive

   Self adhesive labels are the largest label category. Self adhesive simply means that the label is ready to stick without moistening the adhesive as was common before the glues used in adhesive labels were invented. 
   Self adhesive labels are delivered on rolls, sheets and as individual pieces or parts. There are hundreds of standard sizes and shapes of self adhesive labels. Custom sizes and shapes of self adhesive labels can be cut from special dies and they can be cut digitally using plotter and laser technology. From self adhesive wall labels cut from a photo of a football player to simple 2” round inventory dots, you can design self adhesive labels to meet any need. 
   The materials used in self adhesive labels include adhesives and the label itself which can be called the label face stock or substrate. Different materials are combines in specific ways to meet the many unique requirements of self adhesive labels. As an example, permanent adhesive is often combined with a paper face stock for self adhesive labels that are do not have exposure to severe conditions and that will stick to common materials such as paper. Address labels are a typical example of these types of self adhesive labels. 
   Different label materials maintain permanent labels durability over time. Permanent labels can be made from almost any substrate, typically paper, vinyl, polyester and even aluminum. Each of the materials available for permanent labels has different durability characteristics and costs. As an example, permanent labels for indoor can be printed on relatively low cost materials (or substrates) such as paper or vinyl. Permanent labels for outdoor and industrial use should be printed on poly or metal.

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